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Add Properties to Request/Incident/Problem Areas

Properties are characteristics or attributes of tickets that are affected by the area or category the ticket is assigned to. For example, when you assign a request to a request area, the properties associated with that area are automatically assigned to the request.

To add properties to a request/incident/problem area

  1. Click CA SDM, Requests/Incidents/Problems, Areas on the Administration tab.

    The Request/Incident/Problem Area List page appears.

  2. Select the area to which you want to add properties.

    The Request/Incident/Problem Area Detail page appears.

  3. On the Properties tab, click Add Property.

    The Create New Property Template page appears.

  4. Complete the fields as appropriate.

    Note: Properties that are defined without validation rules are presented as freeform text fields, which allow the user to enter any text string. To limit the property values to selections from a predefined set, you can specify validation rules.

  5. Click Save.

    The Request/Incident/Problem Area Detail page lists the new property on the Properties tab.

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