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Create Property Validation Rules

You can create validation rules to ensure that only valid values are assigned to custom properties.

Note: You can define custom properties for change order categories, issue categories, and request/incident/problem areas.

To create a property validation rule

  1. Access the create, detail, or update page for the custom property you want to assign a property validation rule. For example:
    1. Select Service Desk, Change Orders, Categories on the Administration tab.

      The Change Category List page appears.

    2. Click the Add.IT.Server link.

      The Add.IT.Server Change Category Detail page appears.

    3. Select the Properties tab and click the Add Property button.

      The Create New Property Template page appears.

  2. Click the Lookup Icon Validation Rule link.

    The Property Validation Rule Search page appears.

  3. Specify any filter criteria you wish, then click Search.

    The rules that match your filter criteria are displayed.

    Note: Validation rules are not specific to a particular category or area type. You can apply any existing validation rule to properties for change categories, issue categories, or request/incident/problem areas.

    Note: Although you can create multiple checkbox validation rules, it is not necessary to do so. You can reuse an existing checkbox rule as many times times as you wish by applying a different label. For example, if you have an existing checkbox rule named CB, and you later want to apply a checkbox validation rule to a different property, you can select CB from the Property Validation Rule List and then enter a different label on the Create New Property Template page.

  4. Click Create New if there is no existing validation rule that meets your needs.

    The Create New Property Validation Rule page appears.

  5. Complete the fields as appropriate.
  6. For Dropdown validation rules only, the Property Value List tab appears on the Create New Property Validation Rule page. To specify the list of options that appears in the dropdown menu:
    1. Click Add Property Value.

      The Create New Property Value page appears.

    2. Complete the fields as appropriate.

      Note: The Default Value field is read-only. To set a default selection for the dropdown list, see Edit Property Validation Rules.

    3. Click Accept.

      Note: The Accept button accepts the changes, closes the window, and applies them to the current record, but you must still click the Save button on the main record window to make the changes permanent.

      The Create New Property Validation Rule page appears with a highlighted status indicator showing the number of property values that are pending.

    4. Repeat the above steps until you have added all the property values you want the dropdown list to contain.
  7. Click Save on the Create New Property Value page.

    The Create New Property Template page appears, with the validation rule name filled in.