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Define Areas

Request/incident/problem areas define the general areas into which request, incident, and problem tickets can be organized. Categorizing these ticket types lets you generate reports, study trends, and analyze problem causes.

To define a request/incident/problem area

  1. On the Administration tab, browse to Service Desk, Requests/Incidents/Problems, Areas.

    The Request/Incident/Problem Area List appears.

  2. Click Create New.

    The Request/Incident/Problem Area Detail page appears.

  3. Complete the fields as appropriate.
  4. (Optional) Use the controls available on the tabs at the bottom of the page to configure the following features:

    Defines custom properties to apply to tickets assigned to this area.


    Attaches a workflow to specify a standardized sequence of tasks to resolve tickets assigned to this area.

    Note: The Workflow Tasks tab appears only if CA Workflow is integrated with your CA SDM installation. Associate a workflow process to the request/incident/problem area to use the process visualizer.

    Auto Assignment

    Specifies how tickets in this area are auto assigned.

  5. Click Save.

    The Request/Incident/Problem Area Detail window opens.

  6. Click Close Window.

    The new request/incident/problem area appears in the Request/Incident/Problem Area List when you redisplay the list.

Note: Clicking Reset returns all fields to their last saved values.

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